Technology Innovations and Engineering Services Deliver Unique Values to Our Customers and Clients

Technology Innovation
CertaChip commits revolutionary technology innovations in power semiconductor, sensors, and hardware protections technology platforms. CertaChip performs technology R/D and product developments, and provide technology licensing for semiconductor companies globally, specialized in integrated intelligent power, discrete power, and sensors (physical, chemical, biological), and electrical protection device technologies for broad consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.  

Engineering Services
CertaChip engineering services are in the fields of power semiconductor technologies (integrated & discrete), including platform development, device architectures, SOA, process integration for high voltage application, program management, risk assessment, qualification, yields, and CQI matters. 

CertaChip strives to exceed our customers' expectations through innovation, technical leadership, and exemplary customer support. Our technologies and services deliver unique value to our customers and clients because they are grounded in our extensive practical hands-on experience.

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Disruptive Technologies bring Game Changer Products

Multi-Dimensional: Functions and Performance

Architectural Innovations.

Scalable: Specifications and Foot-Print

Cost Competitive.

Complementary: Balanced and Consistent


Adaptable: Versatile and Responsive


Power & Protection Device Platforms
CertaChip's power and protection products under development are to bring far exceeding performance compared to those existing products. Strong competitiveness in cost-per-performance and foot-print expects to make significant disruption of the current market landscapes. Application targets of the products first start with consumer, and industrial fields, then extend to automotive and medical areas.  

Sensor System on a Chip
Sensor system on a chip (SSOC) is in development for broad sensor applications integrating various sensor disciplines. The products feature (1) low-cost for affordability, (2) small foot-print for constrained space, (3) low power for energy saving, (4) highly selective for specific targets, (5) reliable for consistency over time, (6) self-calibration, .....  

CertaChip strives to bring new paradigms through innovations to deliver unique values to our customers. Our products are rather transformational than incremental over existing ones.

If you are interested in becoming one of early adaptors for CertaChip's game changing products,

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                           Technology Development   and   Engineering Services

Power & Sensor Technology Platform Development

Platform development R/D practices in the areas of: (1) integrated power technology (BCD), (2) discrete power technology, (3) sensor technology and (4) baseline process integration, dealing with device tool sets, core device technology implementation, reference CMOS nodes, test structures, unit process integration modules for tailored active and passive device integration.

Device Architecture Innovation

Device architecture engineering R/D is to bring radical paradigm changes beyond the conventional device platforms for power, sensor and protection applications. It is targeted to provide competitive integrated and discrete solutions with best in class well balanced optimization of performance-manufacturability-reliability relations.

Lean Program Management

Technology development program management performs benchmarking, SOP, milestones, execution, qualification for new technologies and products. Qualifications are based on phase-gate process with rigorous assessments customized for target applications. IP portfolio analyses assist clients by providing core intellectual property analysis and valuation.

Technology Risk Assessment and Resolution

Comprehensive technology risk assessment to ensure volume production readiness, including process technology, manufacturing, design library, and reliability. Technology Clinic conducts detailed diagnostic assessment on the on-going technical issues in technology and product implementation to resolve the technology problems.

We work with fabless, foundry, die manufacturer, packaging, and distributors.